About Us

“We help people get back on their feet”

Backup Tech (The Technical Entertainment Charity) is the UK’s registered charity that provides financial support to industry technical professionals, crew/production personnel and people working in the technical supply chain across the UK entertainment industry specifically live events, music touring theatre and broadcast.

Initially setup in the early 2000’s (under the name Lite Relief) Backup was founded by the industry for the industry. Over the years Backup has expanded its remit to match the times, changes and challenges faced by industry colleagues, this includes financial support via medical grants hardship grants during Covid, access to wellbeing aid and helping to promote awareness around mental health and wellbeing through access to training.

Medical Grants are tailored to an individual’s needs and can include essential living costs, medical related expenses, advice, re-training and travel.

Hardship Grants are tailored to help people who find themselves in financial difficulty, with short-term financial support.

Backup works with potential recipients to fully understand the support needed and ensure that help is targeted effectively.

Backup will stay in contact with recipients and provide ongoing support.

Additionally, Backup is passionate about helping provide Wellbeing Support facilitating a number of initiatives in and around wellbeing:

  • 24hr Helpline for centralised access point for both urgent and non-urgent wellbeing support.
  • Grants for dedicated councillor sessions
  • AJ Bursary for freelancers to access a free Mental Health First Aider training course
  • Financial support for of the industry initiative to give freelances access to a free Addiction and Recovery Aware training workshop
  • A dedicated website wellbeing resource page of both industry and public wellbeing support services including helplines, group networks and industry assistance organisations

Are you or a family member seriously ill or suffering from an accident and needing support?

Are you in financial difficulty and do not know where to turn?

Do you feel you need some mental health support but can’t afford to get the help you need?

Is there someone you know who needs help?

Please contact us as Backup offers support and help to get you back on your feet!