Goboplus.com supports backup with new gobo releases

GoboPlus.com has partnered with Rosco to bring to market a new range of gobos in support of our technical entertainment charity, Backup. Designed by Exactly13 LTD and exclusively licensed to GoboPlus.com, the new gobo designs are all inspired by elements of the Backup logo and are a practical addition to GoboPlus.com’s existing Backup logo gobos and the expanding range of charity gobos available from GoboPlus.com.

The new range comprises fifteen aerial, breakup and texture designs, each of which will generate a £3 donation to Backup for every glass gobo sold and £1 for every metal gobo.

Paul de Ville, CEO of GoboPlus.com, explains the reasoning behind the initiative: “The aim is to create a legacy income stream for Backup which stretches far into the future, beyond current troubles, and to emphasise the importance of continued support for those in need within our industry. We are a small company with a big heart and while no-one is in a position to make huge donations at this time, we see these little donations like bricks in a wall: all of our small contributions combined together will make a big difference to those who need it.”

While individual gobo sales will have a cumulative impact, de Ville also has an idea for supercharging those contributions. “We would like to invite all lighting manufacturers with their own in-house gobo supply capabilities to support Backup by incorporating one of the new designs into their new – or existing – fixtures,” he says. “To this end, GoboPlus.com is happy to waive any license fee for the Backup designs installed in new fixtures, and arrange for manufacturers to enter a standalone agreement directly with Backup. GoboPlus.com will then supply gobo-ready artworks to the manufacturer, which then pays the royalties directly to Backup in the manufacturer’s own name.

“Giving just one gobo slot over to a Backup design would increase donations exponentially, at minimal cost to the manufacturer, enabling Backup to increase the amount of help it can offer far into the future.”

The new designs have been created as a functional range of highly usable gobos by Simon Allan, creative director of Exactly13 LTD, whose company provides visual services for entertainment manufactures and suppliers, as well as visualisation for entertainment design. Allan, who has over 10 years of experience of designing gobos for a variety of lighting manufacturers, donated his services free of charge.

“I took the Backup logo and abstracted every element of it I could find to transform it into a range of designs that would have something for everyone, with aerial, breakup and texture designs that work across many markets,” he explains. “Every design was fully end-tested for its appearance on camera, in smoke-filled mid-air, in sharp and soft focus and on flat and angled surfaces. I selected the best to ensure a good variety, no matter what application they are put to. I hope it will give the opportunity for lighting designers and manufacturers to offer support to Backup which works so hard to look after us all.”

“When I approached Simon he did not hesitate to offer his help,” says de Ville. “We thought the appeal of a family of gobos, rather than just one or two, would have a larger impact and he certainly delivered by putting together a fantastic and creative selection. Then, to bring this idea to the widest market possible, I approached Rosco who immediately agreed to partner with us. This now enables us to give global access to the new designs and expand the awareness of Backup and its work.”

Mark Engel, CEO of Rosco, adds: “With so many of our friends and colleagues going through difficult times, it has never been so important to help those in need.  Backup provides invaluable support within our industry, and Rosco is proud to contribute to the cause.  In addition to support through donation, we believe in the incredible power of communication through light.  We hope that our Backup gobos will spread the word about this wonderful charity and garner even more donations and involvement from the community.”

This initiative comes at a time when Backup is about to open its second Hardship fund to help those suffering loss of income due to the COVID pandemic, so it is especially welcome. And there are so many people in our industry in need of assistance at any time as a result of illnesses and misfortunes,” says John Simpson, chairman of Backup. “The Backup trustees have approved the designs and welcome the opportunity for another stream of income for the charity. We are very heartened to see such support from GoboPlus.com, Exactly13 LTD and Rosco and hope that many others will feel they are able to come on board.”

To order your Backup gobos and view the full range, visit www.goboplus.com