Backup Hardship Fund Update 

Backup – The Technical Entertainment Charity has now completed Round 1 and announces a Round 2 of the newly launched Backup Hardship Fund, created to provide limited financial assistance to crew/production personnel, and people working in the technical supply chain across the UK entertainment sector, including those from live events, theatre and TV and film.  

“The application uptake for Round 1 of the Hardship Fund reaffirmed to us how dire it is financially and that this help could not come soon enough for many or our colleagues,” says Backup Chairman, John Simpson. “It has been heartbreaking to read the messages applicants included and we are thankful that Backup has been able to provide some small level of financial support to help keep our colleagues afloat”

During the first application period, from 19th October 2020 (08:00) to 30th October 2020 (20:00), Backup targeted resources to those who have received NO government grants (e.g., from the furlough scheme (CJRS) and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)) and NO grants from other charitable funds (e.g. Theatre Artists Fund, Arts Council, etc.).

“With Round 1, the Hardship Fund was able to help over 100 colleagues that have not previously had any help,” John continues. “However, we are also aware that there is another larger group of people that have had some form of small support from government grants, but this is not enough to meet their day-to-day basic requirements and thus also find themselves in financial difficulty. This is why Backup is opening the Hardship Fund to for a Round 2, targeting these individuals with a widening of the criteria.”

Round 2 of the application period opens from 30th November 2020 (08:00) to 11th December 2020 (20:00).

You must have received a total of less than £5,000 from any of the sources that are listed on Hardship Application page (when combined) during the period 1st April 2020 to 30th November 2020.

“Our industry is trying to help its own!” John adds. “This second round is, in-part, made possible due to recent fundraising through industry campaigns like #WeMakeEvents, and the numerous individuals fundraising under this industry-wide banner with the likes of recent The Survival Tour and current #WeNeedCrew initiatives, as well as any many other individuals and companies both fundraising and donating through this and other Backup related donation channels. The generosity from amongst our industry colleagues alone has been immensely touching, considering we are all suffering the same plight.”

Backup Vice-Chairman Piers Shepperd adds, “What is really heartening to see is the recent support from those who are in the public eye, highlighting and raising money for those in our industry who make it possible for them to perform. The recent Niall Horan concert alone, directly supporting the Backup Hardship fund via #WeNeedCrew, means we can help over 150 colleagues!

“We can’t thank Niall and all those involved enough. We are appealing to those on stage, be it theatre, film, TV, concert and also the corporations behind these shows, as well as those companies that use the event side of our industry, to get behind and support the people that make their shows and events possible. As the vast majority of our colleagues have had zero income since March, and this is still going to continue into the New Year even with the announcement of the vaccine, it is still vitally important to continue to raise funds so we can continue to help those who need it.”

To read some of the testimonials from those who have been helped in Round 1 of the Hardship Application Fund, please visit

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Hardship Fund Details

Backup is a UK registered charity which provides financial support to those working in the entertainment technology industry supply chain across the UK who are seriously ill or injured, or to their surviving family members.